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Why Give?

Giving financially is a way for us to participate in what God is doing in our own communities, as well as around the world. Your giving helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds, and even thousands of people. Ultimately, your giving matters because it changes lives. 

Take a look at the six lives below that have changed as a result of God’s grace and your generosity.

Watch more stories of the lives that have been changed because of your generosity


Why Trust?

Trusting others with your money can be tough- that's why we want to answer any questions you may have...

Nervous About Giving?

Giving can feel like a big step, so we've made an easy way for you to try it out...

Need Help?

Want to learn how to go from barely surviving to thriving financially? Take advantage of our online tools to help you get a better handle on your personal finances.

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