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We want to show our community that we truly are for Austin in meaningful and helpful ways. One of the ways we can do this is through partnership with local non-profits. And because we know that community groups and families who serve together form deeper connections with each other, this adventure will be beneficial for everyone.

Below, you will see all the organizations with which we have laid the foundation for long-term partnerships. When you click on the logos, you'll find information about the mission of each organization, the ways your group/family can help, and any volunteer requirements you'll need to know before signing up.

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Decide which outreach opportunity/organization works best for you and your people. Use the key below to help you decide which non-profits might be the best fit.
  2. Click the button at the end of the page to notify us of your interest in the organization. You'll be able to email us any questions you may have and start the processing of working out the details of your volunteer experience.
  3. On the big day, wear your For Austin shirts, FAQsbe on time, and have fun serving our community!
  4. After you volunteer, reflect on your experience as a group and see where you can serve next! We encourage each group to serve at least once a quarter and to fill out this form after serving.
  5. Have more questions? Check out these FAQs.

Be for Austin Key

*      This organization has an urgent need.

N     This organization has a new need posted.

G     Great for community groups.

YF    Great for families with young children.

TF    Great for families with tween/teen children.

I       Great for individuals.

A      Suitable for anyone.

Austin Angels

Serving foster care families


Petra Preschool

Serving foster & disadvantaged children

(N, G, I)

Habitat for Humanity

Serving those working towards home ownership

(G, TF, I)


Serving those impacted by abuse

(G, I)

Foundation Communities*

Serving those in affordable housing communities


Jeremiah Program

Serving single mothers

(G, TF, I)

Any Baby Can

Serving new parents

(G, I)

Caritas of Austin*

Serving the homeless

(G, TF)

Hill Country Community Ministries*

Serving those in need

(C, I, TF)

Round Rock Area Serving Center

Serving those in need

(C, I, TF)

Senior Care Centers

Serving the elderly


Mobile Loaves and Fishes

Serving the homeless

(G, TF, I)

Sammy's House

Serving children with special needs

(G, TF)

The Refuge for DMST™

Serving those impacted by sex trafficking


The Miracle League at Town and Country

Serving children with special needs

Check back soon!

Ronald McDonald House

Serving families with medical needs

(G, TF)

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Serving the community in times of disaster

(Check back soon)

Happy Birthdays

Serving children in need on their birthdays

(Check back soon)

Cedar Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center

Check back soon!

Sam's Adventure Camp

Serving children with developmental disabilities


Be For Austin FAQs

Who can serve through Be For Austin?

You can serve with your community group, short-term group, your family, and/or as an individual. Use the legend on the website to help you see at a glance which opportunities might work best for the age ranges in your group/family.

With what kind of non-profits do we partner?

We partner with a variety of organizations because we know that our church is made up of people with many different types of passions. You’ll find opportunities to work with and help children, families, elderly, and even animals.

Do I need to tell Northpoint if we serve?

We are collecting data so we can gauge the effectiveness of Be For Austin.When you let us know how you are engaging with the community, you also have the opportunity to help make Be For Austineven better.

What should I wear?

We would love for you to wear your For Austinshirts, as they identify you as a group and invite people to ask questions about Northpoint.

How often should we serve as a community group?

We would love for each group to serve together at least once a quarter.

If my children serve with us, can they get community service hours?

In most cases, yes! You can take the form with you to have the non-profit administrator sign or a member of the Groups team can also sign for you.

What if we want to serve together with a non-profit that is not listed?

We’d love to hear about who you want to partner with so we might be able to make connections with them to see if it would also be a good church-wide fit for long-term partnership.

I have an idea for a new non-profit with whom we could partner. Who do I notify?

Please send your ideas and the organization's contact info to the Groups team.

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