WilCo Mentoring


The mission of WilCo Mentoring program is to connect adults with teenagers who have been through the court system.

Did You know?

Judge Edna Staudt, Justice of the Peace in Williamson County, created this program in her first year in office because of the number of teenagers she saw struggling in the system.

Partnering with WilCo mentoring

Mentoring is valuable because it shows a young person that someone cares about them and can help them through some of the day-to-day challenges of life. To know one is not alone is incredibly powerful.

Once a week, mentors meet with their assigned students at a time and place determined by the mentor. The student has already been court-ordered to actively participate in the program. Training is available for volunteers in the skills of listening, mirroring, goal setting, and identifying drug use.

To qualify as a mentor, a person must be a mature adult, submit to a background check, and commit to a six-month commitment.