Why Trust?

Our church exists to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and we strive to leverage every dollar in the best way possible to fulfill that mission. We recognize there are always questions, and we've done our best to answer some of the most frequent questions below.

Who oversees the church's finances?

The Stewardship Team is a group of volunteers who all have a specific financial skill set and who oversee the church's finances. This team generates the annual budget, researches and analyzes future facility options, and works to promote general Stewardship within the church. The team meets once a month and serves as the checks and balances of financial operations and monitors overall financial health.

Who are the members of the Stewardship Team?

Kasey Van Daley - Kasey and his family have attended Northpoint since 2010. Kasey is the Director of Finance for Fifteen Five Corporation. He has over 10 years of leadership experience, and also served on Northpoint's Leadership Team for 2 years. Kasey is currently the Stewardship Team Director.

Kristi Cushman - Bio coming soon!

Christina Dohring- Christina and her family have been attending Northpoint since 2016. She is Chief of Staff at a venture firm headquartered in Austin. She has leadership experience in an array of settings including business, church, and local organizations. She is an avid proponent of Money Matters and enjoys leading the group with her husband, Chris.

Cory Mancuso- Cory and his family have been attending Northpoint since 2014. Cory manages and runs a heavy equipment leasing business that does approximately $30 million annually in revenue. He oversees all financial aspects of the organization.

Wesley Young – Wes and his family have been a part of Northpoint since 2016. He is the CEO of Wes Young & Associates, a financial planning firm focusing on helping people increase financial profitability and quality of life.   In addition to working with some of the firm’s private clients, Wes is a speaker and author. 

Is Northpoint prepared to handle a large ($1, $5, $20 or $50 million) financial gift?

The answer is yes. The next question may be "How is Northpoint capable of handling a large financial gift?" Throughout our entire organization we strive to leverage the experience of the best and brightest people God has placed in our church. There is no place that this is more evident than with our Stewardship Team. They have decades of combined experience when it comes to handling large amounts of money in the corporate world. In strategic planning as a church, we have already identified opportunities to invest future dollars to help fuel our mission and vision, particularly in terms of a larger facility.

Month to Date Budget:

February: $114,905
2019 Budget
January: $115,844
December: $115,635
November: $115,635
October: $115,635
September: $116,334
August: $110,048
July: $110,048
June: $110,048
May: $110,435
April: $110,435
March: $111,660
February: $111,660

Month to Date Income:

February: $14,154
2019 Actual
January: $99,019
December: $264,989
November: $105,050
October: $124,361
September: $124,288
August: $110,695
July: $159,501
June: $113,373
May: $109,864
April: $103,670
March: $126,329
February: $100,321