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"By being present with your kids, you remind them they have value, they belong and they have a purpose."  


As parents, you get 58 hours a week with your child.

(7 days x 24 hours =  168 – 70 for sleep =  98 – 40 for work = 58!)

As a church, we get 1.

When home + church can come together, the impact is so much greater. We’re parents too, so we know that when it comes to raising our kids, it really does take a village.

We can give you endless books, podcasts and blogs to check out, and while they’re all super helpful, we know that relationships are what really make an impact. Relationships with our kids, friendships with their Small Group Leaders and kids in their small group, even our own community as adults are where we grow.

Check out this website. Try some things out. Let us know how we can help.

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