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Why does your marriage matter?

Maybe you think your marriage matters because you can share the work load around the house, split carpool duty, and maybe even the cooking (or the dishes). Maybe it’s because two incomes are better than one and you need somebody who can pick up the slack when you’re out of town. Maybe it’s because you’re already out-numbered by kids and pets and one adult down would send you into a world of chaos. 

But what if there are other reasons why your marriage really matters, reasons beyond the hum of daily life? What if, with some time, intention, and an understanding of why God created marriage, we could see how our marriage makes us better able to love, serve, and heal? And what if our marriage really matters, not only for ourselves and our family, but also, for the world?

The response to Marriage Matters has been huge! The current group is full. However, we have new groups on the horizon, so be sure to hit the waitlist button below so you can be the first to know about upcoming groups! 

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