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Fuel 2018 Final Total: $105,374

Thank you so much for your incredible generosity! We are so excited for what is in store in 2018!

Growth - $90,000 

Benevolence and Care: As Northpoint continues to grow, so does the need for financial assistance and care. We want to be known as a church that is quick to come alongside people in our church and in our community who are going through difficult times.

Northpoint University:  Part of sustaining and scaling as we grow is raising up World Class Leaders. Northpoint University is our online leadership development program where we focus on 3 main ideas- Empowered Leaders, Empowered Thinkers and Empowered Volunteers. This will allow us to bring Northpoint University online in 2018.

Staff: Staff is a critical part of sustaining the growth we see at Northpoint. Currently InsideOut (high school) and Transit (middle school) are the fastest growing ministries of Northpoint and have grown over 30% in 2017. Now, it is more important than ever for us to invest in these areas by fueling these teams to lead our students well, partner with parents, and invest in the next generation at Northpoint.

  • We would like to do this by hiring Tyler Ziemann, who not only grew up in Northpoint's student ministry, but who interned at Camp 75 for multiple summers. He is an incredible leader, and will be an important part of us being able to continue to create irresistible environments for our students. You can learn about Tyler and his wife Jacei here

Northpoint Online Experience: One way we can sustain growth is by creating a "full" and engaging Northpoint online experience. This will enable us to connect with people beyond the walls of our church while also creating additional space on Sunday mornings. 

Additional Services: As Northpoint continues to grow, we anticipate having to create additional space in the upcoming year. This would help us cover the costs associated with adding additional service times.

Financial Margin: As Northpoint anticipates continued growth, it is important for us to have a fund that creates financial margin to sustain and scale the growth well. We want to be wise, and we believe it is critical to have this financial margin to cover any additional expenses that may be associated with growth. 

Special Events: A big part of creating a church that unchurched people love to attend, is creating fun and exciting events for people to invite their friends and neighbors to. This includes events such as Easter, Summerfest, and Christmas.

Facility - $10,000

Creating irresistible environments is an incredibly important aspect in Northpoint’s strategy. As Northpoint’s building reaches 3 years old, there are some maintenance items that need to be refreshed. 

Guests: We want to create an irresistible and excellent environment for all the guests that come to Northpoint. This includes updating old road signs, flags and tents, as well as making sure that there’s nothing that looks old and worn to a new guest walking in to our building for the very first time.  

Family Ministry:  At Northpoint, we love our kids and want to create a fun, irresistible environment where they can walk in and feel like we’ve created something just for them! We would love to continue adding to both our UpStreet and Waumba Land hallways, as we have plans to make them even more exciting than they already are! 

Technology: Updating technology includes replacing old computer systems, improving our network, and updating some technology that is used on Sunday mornings. 

Facility: There are areas of our facility that need repairing. This includes paint, replacing broken furniture in our student environments, and updating some parts of our carpets.

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