A local weekend retreat for middle-schoolers February 14th - 16th

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What is W3?

W3 is our local weekend retreat for Transit, our middle school environment at Northpoint. Filled with sessions at Northpoint, small group outings in the community, and evenings spent at a Host Home together, W3 is the best weekend of the year in transit.

Hear from Our Transit Director About W3


Dates: February 14th - 16th
Price: $85 Early Bird | $95 Regular
Early Bird Registration: January 5th - January 19th
BOGO: When you register in the first week (Jan 5th - 12th) you get the opportunity to invite a friend to W3 for FREE who's never been to Transit before.

The small groups will have an outing on Saturday, and the price of that outing is included in the student's registration cost.

Already Registered?

You will get a general email from the Transit team with important parent information the week of W3! You will also receive an email specific to your son or daughters small group with Host Home & Outing information for your group! Be on the lookout for those two emails the week of W3.

Packing List

Here's a packing list for the weekend!

Time Away Form

If you're student has to leave at any point during the weekend, or arrive late, please fill out this form.

W3 Schedule

Here's an overview of the schedule for the weekend.
You will be receiving an email about your specific Host Home & Outing by Wednesday, February 12th.

Have More Questions?

Contact our Transit team and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.