Petra Preschool

Serving foster and economically disadvantaged children


The mission of Petra Preschool is to show God’s love by providing education, care and support to a diverse population in Austin including foster children, economically disadvantaged children, and their families.

Did You know?

This vision was birthed by a local family whose foster child was not allowed to attend their other children's preschool, and was joined by others the family met who were interested in establishing a faith-based preschool focused on these economically disadvantaged children. Learn more about Petra Preschool here.

Partnering with petra preschool

Urgent Needs

  • Please check back soon for urgent needs.

Ongoing Needs

  • Supply drive: You can find their supply list here.
"The staff was super passionate about loving the families that came through the door it just felt like a place you’d want to be. There was so much love between the guardians and kiddos the whole thing was just very uplifting."

- Amanda Pomroy