Jeremiah Program

Serving single mothers


The mission of the Jeremiah Program is to transform families from poverty to prosperity. 

Did You know?

There are 17,000 single mothers living in poverty in the Austin area with 42,924 children under the age of 18. Learn more about the Jeremiah Program here.

Partnering with the jeremiah program

Urgent Needs

  • Make meals for Tuesday evening Empowerment Class. This class is the 12-week pre-admissions class that moms go through to move into the Jeremiah Program.  This meal is a huge value to families and truly gives moms the time they need to focus on their personal development while attending this class.
    The meal is usually a warm meal and will need to be for 12 sets of moms/kids (all their kiddos are under the age of 5). We try to ensure we have options for dietary restrictions so we include a meat entree and a vegetarian entree. Volunteers will purchase and prepare the meal offsite and drop it off for the meal by 4 pm on Tuesdays. They have an oven to reheat any food. Below is a sample of what this meal could look like and you can download the planning form here.

"It was awesome being able to spread love and kindness to women and children who are trying to turn things around."

- Lara Labbe-Maginel